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  • Welcome to the NIS
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Concerning Virtual Classes

Dear parents,

First of all we hope that everyone is safe. Secondly I would like to clarify some issues, that may not be clear to you;

1. No need to panic at all, we’re all in an emergency situation.

2. We already have a plan.

3. Our aim is to keep your kids safe and to give them the chance to continue their learning process without any panic.

4.Please download Zoom Meetings program, it’s a virtual learning environment and its    link https://zoom.us/support/download

& We attached a manual for installing and joining the class.

5.Schedule for sessions is posted on the LMS.

6.Not all sessions will be virtual classrooms, only the ones that you’ll receive their code on the LMS and you will find the subject, date and time too.

7. Please make sure you have a good equipped laptop or tablet ready and charged with your child. I hope that you all understand that all Egypt, if not all the world, is working online now. So we can tell how many errors could result from this. We just want you to know that we UNDERSTAND and we CONSIDER. 

8. We understand that there will be some errors concerning the internet, microphones or other matters and all these, as we said before, will be taken into consideration. Please DON’T PANIC or make your child panic.

9. It’s a new experience, let your child go through it and enjoy it.

10.As for the other sessions, teachers will post videos, PowerPoint presentations ended by an online assignment or a discussion room on the LMS in learning material Section.

11. If your child will be having a quiz or an assignment his/her teacher will notify them by message, through LMS, enough time before it.

12. Please let your child do the follow up on his own to be a responsible person. 

13. If your child has any questions concerning the subject, he/ she should contact his/her teacher via LMS message.

 Thank you so much for your co operation