School Policy

Attendance Policy
NIS administration and staff believes that regular and punctual school attendance is an essential component of student academic success. Attendance records are taken daily and checked for excessive lates and absences. To ensure that students understand the seriousness of regular attendance and punctuality, there is a specific attendance policy published in the “Student Handbook”
Uniform Policy
In choosing our schools uniform we tried to combine comfort, quality and style. When You have your proper Uniform on People recognize you as a Nefertarian, so wear it with pride. All pieces of the uniform can be purchased at the designated shop.*Students are expected to have their clean uniform on whenever they are engaged in any school activity Field trips, outdoors competitions).
Tuition Policy
Admission fees are to be paid upon acceptance to ensure enrollment.Tuition fees are paid in 3 installments as follows:
1st installment (20% of fees + ½ Bus fees) are due May 15 to June 5
2nd installment (40% of fees + ½ Bus fees) are due Aug. 15 to Sep. 5
3rd installment (40% of fees) is due Dec. 15 to Jan. 5
Penalties could be applied if those deadlines are not met, as stated in the “Student Handbook” .